Animals have always been a part of my life. In fact, I have never lived  with out a multitude  of animals, I guess you could say that I am a pack animal. I was the one who always was bringing home that stray dog, lost kitten or adopting the sickly horse.
 I had the opportunity to learn about a lot of ailments due to the poor health of many of my rescues.  Nursing many of these critters back to health was usually a long process, until my young adult hood, back in the mid 70’s when light therapy became a buzz word among my equestrian friends.
Low Light Laser therapy, as it was called then, came in many forms. The high powered units were only available through veterinarians and were complicated to set up and dangerous to use. So I used many small light therapy devices that were available to the general public, and spent much time lasering horses legs, dogs skin, cats ears, and what ever I thought would benefit. At the time, research was generally new and unavailable, but as I used my light devices on my own pains (results of being young and getting on any horse I had the opportunity to..!) I realized that no harm was being done and I certainly seemed to be healing faster.  I realize my light devices were mere toys, but they helped. Now as an adult, Low light laser therapy has come full circle.
With a new name, Photobiomodulation, research has confirmed the healing power and safety of the new technology that allows light to be super
I am a Box Turtle Advocate and use photobiomodulation therapy on these amazing ancient reptiles.
pulsed to injuries deep in the body and kick start the healing process at the cellular level. This technology is amazing. But Photobiomodulation is really nothing new.. You see, we are beings of light.. actually all life on our planet owes life to our sun, and we have been reacting to this light since the beginning of time. I created this web site to introduce people to this amazing healing modality of medicine,  as I am super excited to be sharing this information about this new technology with you.  I can see, first hand, the amazing healing properties, the ease of use, the safety and convenience that now allows every one  access to this powerful and amazing form of medicine that can reduce our need for pain killers,  help us heal faster, and allow us to get back out there to enjoy life. If you have questions or doubts, or just want to talk about your experiences with light therapy, I would love to hear about it. Please leave me a comment, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
With out the sun there is no life,
and with out ART there is no earth!