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Pain Alternative?

cipa-pain-diagram You are not alone… There are more then 1.5 billion of us who suffer from severe to moderate  pain. Pain  is the leading cause of disability in the US and it affects more adults then heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined. Current  pain medications only provide modest relief from our pain,  they carry safety warnings and are susceptible to abuse.  Opiod drugs, commonly used for pain, work by  attaching to receptors in the brain causing a reduced perception of pain and producing a sense of well being.   Opiods were initially used to treat pain associated with terminal cancer, but in the 1990’s opiods began to be used for things like  sciatica and back pain and the use of these drugs has grown more then 10 times over the last 20 years. Prescription drugs like Opiods are responsible for more deaths caused by overdose then heroin and cocaine combined. Pain Killers are not a solution to pain.

What is Pain?

Pain is our bodies way of telling us something is wrong. When tissue is damaged, a chain reaction of events occurs at the cellular level causing inflammation and   hyperactivity that encourages  guarding of the injured area and alerts the body’s immune system to begin healing.  At the Cellular level,  ATP ( adenosine triphosphate) the primary energy currency of the cell,  begins the recharging process of the cells. The time needed for full repair is unique to each individual and the nature and severity of the injury, and as long as inflammation is present, so is pain.   Acute pain is usually of a known cause and short duration, whereas chronic pain persists for more then 6 months and has vague characteristics. Chronic pain can result from a physical injury, but often times, pain left untreated can become self perpetuating  and form a combination of physical, psychological, and  emotional pain.

 How did we get here?

Get off the pain medication merry-go-round and be able to move again!

Pain management is an area where there is still much to learn and the big pharmaceutical companies are constantly researching, studying and improving their products. Unfortunately, they do not have all the answers and pain medications are a major source of income for them.  Pharmaceutical companies are big business, and like any business they will do what it takes to protect their interests, often,  exerting tremendous influence over doctors, researchers, and our politicians. Pain medications are an ongoing stream of revenue, and a complete answer to pain management would lose them billions.  And to make matters worse,  many insurance companies view  the treatment of pain as an elective procedure, not a medical emergency, making alternative modalities of medicine a costly personal expense.

Welcome the Pain Avenger!

In March 2016, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued its first ever guidelines for Doctors prescribing opiods for Pain, advising doctors to initially try non-drug treatments. And in an  extraordinary move, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced in February an initiative that includes changes in how it regulates and approves opiod drugs, targeted at Primary care providers, who are responsible for half of  all opiod prescriptions in the US.

PainAway PostOp™ is a cordless, ultra-portable laser therapy system. It consists of a multi-wavelength, synchronous multi-light source PBM device that incorporates a Super Pulsed Laser (GaAs 905 nm), and ultra-bright infrared and red LEDs (875 nm and 640 nm) with a mean output of power of 133 mW. The combined wavelengths of the light “core” optimize the biological effects of the entire phototherapeutic window to accelerate recovery and reduce pain.
PainAway PostOp™ is a cordless, ultra-portable laser therapy system. It consists of a multi-wavelength, synchronous multi-light source PBM device that incorporates a Super Pulsed Laser (GaAs 905 nm), and ultra-bright infrared and red LEDs (875 nm and 640 nm) with a mean output of power of 133 mW. The combined wavelengths of the light “core” optimize the biological effects of the entire phototherapeutic window to accelerate recovery and reduce pain.


A device that encourages and initiates the healing process by helping the cells create healing ATP. A medical device that is proven to reduce pain and heal inflammation. A medical device that is safe enough to use in the comfort of your own home. is FDA approved,   available without a prescription and without the harmful side-effects of medications. Incredibly,  Recent advances in technology have created just that.

What is Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Laser?

Originally designed in the late 1970’s as a tool to be used in the space program to help Cosmonauts with the inevitable body jarring injuries and pain caused by the turbulent effects of lift off and reentry,  Low light laser therapy needed to be compact, portable and energy efficient.   In early 2000’s this technology was brought to the US and Canada.  Since 2004, the company has grown quickly to become a major player in the laser technology marketplace. Multi Radiance Medical is experiencing unprecedented growth and is rapidly increasing its portfolio of products and technology that has prospects throughout the globe. The current MR4 Super Pulsed Laser family of products is the newest generation of Laser Technology.

How can Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers help alleviate your Pain?

Low light laser therapy (LLLT) also know as biostimulation, cold laser light therapy, and more recently photobiomodulation(PBM) is distinguished from other light sources by its coherency  (ability to stick together) creating a beam of light in which high energies are concentrated. Laser Light Therapy  is a form of photo-therapy (treatment with light) used to stimulate tissue repair and provide pain management. This  modality of medicine is  quickly becoming one of the most popular high-tech treatment options for safely and naturally accelerating the body’s natural healing process after injury, by  enhancing  wound healing and tissue regeneration,  and reducing  inflammation and treating  chronic pain. There are many light therapy remedies  on the market.  Most of them do help at some level to increase blood flow and accelerate healing. Many of these devices consist of LED lights, and do not have the power for deep penetration and the ability to get to the root of the pain.  MRM  Laser therapy devices are medical grade devices that are FDA approved for, and available for the first time for in home use.

  • Multi Radiance Medical has the scientific community backing with ,
    • 400,000 device  in 30+ countries
    • 20 years clinical track record
    • Used in 15,000+ private practices
  • Multi Radiance Medical uses three clinically proven wavelengths: 660 nm, 875 nm and 905 nm to cover the entire spectrum of needed light  for optimal tissue saturation,  without causing hazardous thermal impact to tissues. Super Pulsed Lasers allow for higher peak power with the  greatest degree of safety of any laser available, while driving light energy deep into the target tissue more effectively than continuous wave and pulsed-modulated lasers
  • Multi Radiance Medical’s proprietary multi-source technology successfully uses the interaction between light, laser and magnetic energy fields to achieve the desired penetration in the target tissue area.

For over 20 years Multi Radiance Medical has meant world class laser treatment at a great value.  Multi Radiance Medical devices treat over 300 conditions. They improve patient outcomes more quickly, speeding up recovery and are changing lives for the better. Multi Radiance Medical’s Super pulsed Laser Technology is in the safest classification of lasers and its efficacy has been validated in vitro, in vivo, in controlled laboratory experiments and in clinical practice. A Scientific Monograph, written in conjunction with Laser Therapy University entitled The Pillars Paper, has been recently published and confirms this to be not only statistically significant, but clinically significant technology. It also raises the bar in the industry from evidence-based research to translational research. So Imagine..

You with no pain…

pain away post opI use my portable MRM laser every day. I use it on my self, and I use it on my pets. I even use it on my turtles. It comes with a little “cheat sheet” that tells me what setting is the best for what I am using it for. And best of all this device can do no harm, so even if I use it on the wrong spot or for too long, the only repercussions that may occur is cell fatigue, which means that the cells have done all they can and it is time for a break. I continue to be amazed and impressed, and I remember the days that I suffered from chronic shoulder pain caused by an automobile accident a long time ago…  now, I can sleep on my side, and I am pain free. How about you? Are You ready to take your life back? Ready to live Pain Free?

Learn how to alleviate your pain,

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I would love to help alleviate pain from peoples lives, and help them to learn to live with out medications.. So many of us are living below our abilities due to pain. Please share this information with loved ones and friends that are suffering from pain, and help spread the word that there is a better way; that the research has proven this technology  to be effective, safe  and easy. We are beings of light.. lets take back our lives and get out of the shadows!

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