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Why Now is the Time to Use Low Level Laser Therapy


New Technology Can Give you Relief from Back Pain

Photobiomodulation is using light to cause healing change in living cells. It is the process of how our bodies react with light.  

New advancements in technology has allowed this modality of medicine to become understood, researched and studied, creating a FDA approved, safe and effective tool allowing consumers the ability to treat themselves and their pets for pain, inflammation and injuries in the comfort of their own home.

 Scientist, Veterinarians,  Medical professionals and sports teams, have been using powerful low light laser units since the 1960’s.  The development of Multi Radiance Medical (MRM),  Super Pulsed technology, has allowed for the elimination of the excessive heat created by  Low Light Laser Units ,  and opened the path  for further investigation and double blind studies. The results are not only independently documented, but more than 400 thousand units are in use in more than and 30 countries and 20,000 practices, and the numbers are growing daily. These new, safer devices were given a new name by the National Library of Medicine, and now Photobiomodulation, or PBM and PBMT are now considered the terms of choice for this  important and effective use of the application of therapeutic light.

Why MRM  Super Pulsed Technology is Superior to Cold Laser, continuous wave Therapy.

There are many different types of light therapy units available, each incorporates different light sources and wavelengths. Wavelengths are the path each color of light uses  and can be focused as in a laser. All light therapy units can be beneficial, but our cells respond better to certain wavelengths, and the power of a focused laser light allows for depth of penetration.

Multi Radiance Medical Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT)units are FDA approved and scientifically proven to bring results. MRM PBMT  units use super pulsed technology and specific wave lengths  of light to stimulate tissue up to 5 inches below the skin, allowing for deep tissue and orthopedic healing. When injured, the body produces ATP or Adenosine triphosphate at a cellular level and begins the healing process. The use of Photobiomodulation directs light energy to the injured cells which helps produce more ATP, speeding up the healing process and eliminating the inflammatory substances that cause pain and scar tissue. Photobiomodulation does not produce damaging thermal effects like continuous wave low level lasers therapy units or surgical lasers.

A study published in the  Journal of Athletic Training (March 2017) by the Sports Medicine Institute, University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil, showed that the Super Pulsed Light Laser, Photobiomodulation  units, made by Multi Radiance Medical are safer and more effective then continuous wave low light laser units.


How do you use it?

The 15 watt My Pet Laser and Pain Away laser, has the same wavelengths and magnetic filed as the 25 and 50 watt units developed for medical professionals, and is designed for at home use.

Whether you have a chronic or acute injury Photobiomodulation can help your cells improve the healing process, while relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

  • Turn on the portable, cordless unit, by pressing and holding the white power button while holding the light emitter against the palm of your hand.
  • The Unit will do a self diagnostic and the lights will flash 
  • Choose setting option using red selection button for below settings
  • setting #1 (50 Hz) Reduces inflammation, increase circulation and promotes healing. Use this setting for healing injuries
  • setting #2 (250 Hz) Promotes healing, stimulates bone repair, reduces pain from arthritis and improves healing of muscle and tendons. Use this setting for rebuilding healthy tissue.
  • setting #3 (1000-3000 Hz) Reduces edema, provides pain relief and deactivates trigger points. Use this setting for pain
  • Lightly press white power button and release. The 5 minute timer will start and the laser light emitter will begin flashing.
  • Hold against skin. If painful area is larger then emitter then a scanning technique can be used by slowly moving the unit back and forth and forward in a shallow zig-zag pattern. Increase dose time to account for the larger surface area.

Yes, it really  is that easy.


The Core of the Pain Away / My Pet Laser

·   15,000mW of Peak Super Pulsed Power

·   Super Pulsed Laser (905 nm),

·   Ultra-bright Broadband infrared,(875 nm)

·   Visible Red (660 nm)

·   Magnetic Induction 35 mT

Using this synergy of three wavelengths and the magnetic field, provides MRM lasers with the most effective depth of penetration, up to 13 cm         (>5 inches) in a safe and efficient manner.


Therapy with Light is Not a Miracle

Practitioners all over the world rely on MRM photobiomodulation devices to keep their clients on their feet. MRM PBM units are used in 80% of Chiropractor Schools world wide. Professional sports teams, Veterinarians, and Oral Surgeons have found the quick, easy and cordless application of these units to shorten the healing time and reduce pain to help their patients and clients get back to doing what they love.

Long before we became a civilization connected to light  for energy, information and guidance,  We  needed  sunlight for optimal health and “As noted by photobiologist Alexander Wunsch, humans are adapted to sunlight as a complex stimulus that, at the appropriate dosage, helps keep our biological systems running.” In fact, studies have shown that light from the sun provides benefits that go far beyond vitamin D synthesis, even colors of light have effects on our mood and energy.

In the late 1800’s the use of red light was the treatment for smallpox and well before the advent of antibiotics, sun exposure was the standard treatment for Tuberculosis, recent studies have found that a vitamin D deficiency sets off the disease if you are a carrier.

With the discovery of Antibiotics, and the development of modern medicine, these standard treatments were set aside as witchcraft and all but forgotten.  In 1917 Albert Einstein proposed that light could be focused to a particular wavelength, but it would take nearly 40 years for scientist to prove his theory and begin to put lasers on the path of becoming the universal and versatile tool that they are today.

If it works, then why is this technology not mainstream?  

PainAway PostOp™ is a cordless, ultra-portable laser therapy system. It is a multi-wavelength, synchronous multi-light source PBM device that incorporates a Super Pulsed Laser (GaAs 905 nm), and ultra-bright infrared and red LEDs (875 nm and 640 nm) with a mean output  power of 133 mW. The combined wavelengths of the light “core” optimize the biological effects of the entire phototherapeutic window to accelerate recovery and reduce pain.

Until recently, Light therapy units were difficult to adjust and dangerous to use, with the possibility of dermal burns, these units were sold only to professionals. The FDA regulates all medical grade light therapy units and classifies them as to how dangerous they are with a Class I being the safest and a Class IV  the most dangerous. Multi Radiance  Medical lasers have been given a Class rating of I by the FDA making these the safest and most powerful, medical grade, light laser therapy units available.

Read about FDA Laser classes here

MultiRadiance Medical has been developing this breakthrough technology for almost 25 years now and have made tremendous gains all over the world.  With the current  drug crisis here in America, and the abuse of pain killers, it is hard not to imagine the good this technology can  do for many suffering from chronic pain.   

Many Veterinarian and Chiropractor colleges are now teaching this technology as part of their graduate studies. Until the medical profession is able to reduce its dependency  on the pharmaceutical industry, and streamline the current insurance mess,  therapy with light will remain elusive in medical offices across America.

Fortunately, this technology is safe enough for you to use in the safety of your own home. Protocol manuals are available and a simple “cheat sheet” can help guide you in the proper setting to use.

Before purchasing a light or a laser light therapy unit for your at home use, please do your research.  If you are looking for relief for orthopedic (arthritis) issues or deep tissue pain, there are not any units that can compare with the power and penetration of MRM laser units in such a safe and convenient package. 

Do you have more questions? click here for a review.



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8 thoughts on “How to get Relief From Back Pain with Laser Therapy.

  1. When I first started reading this I thought it laser therepy was some kind of hosptial procedure, I didn’t realise you could buy a unit that you could use by yourself in your own home.

    If this works, surely it’s go to be better than filling yourself with pain relief tablets. WHere is the best place to buy these units and is there anything specifically I should look out for? Many thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you Simon for your comments. I shall try to address that these units are now available to the public earlier in my next article.

      Although this technology has been around for a while, the new super pulsed technology has greatly improved the ability to do double blind studies which allowed for in depth discovery to how it works at a cellular level, and which wavelengths are best to use for different issues. With the incredible abuse we are having in the US of opiods and pain medication it is a shame that Photobiomodulation is not being used in more medical practices.

      There are a lot of light therapy units out there and many have been approved for use for different applications. if you want one to heal deep wounds, relieve arthritis and pain or recover from torn ligaments / muscles, be careful to look at ones that have done the research and studies, also look at FDA grades. Different wavelengths effect our cells differently. At this time these units are only available by the manufacturer and through their sales force, and are unique on the market. Let me know if I can help you purchase one. There are a lot of links in my articles if you want to do some research.

      I love mine and will never be with out one again.. otherwise, I could not type this..


  2. I’ve heard of cold laser therapy, is that what this is? And the idea is that these frequencies of light stimulate your cell’s natural healing capacity? I thought for sure it was something you could only get at a chiropractic or PT office, very cool that there is a home unit now available!

    1. Thank You Penelope, Yes, with this new technology the National Library of Medicine, has changed the name of cold laser therapy or Low light laser therapy to Photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation does not produce heat as a by product as the older units did and therefore has allowed double blind peer reviewed studies to be done, proving that these units are safe for at home use. I look forward to the day when these are accepted by the greater medical community and are available to nursing homes, and hospitals everywhere.

  3. Hi there,
    Great article, I really enjoyed the reading!
    I suffer from back pain for a while now, I have tried many creams, but nothing worked. I’ve never heard of the light therapy until I came across your website. I will certainly try this out. Can you tell me where to buy it? I really hope it will help me release the pain:)
    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Thank You Daniella, Light Therapy or Photobiomodulation is really amazing, and has been being used by the professional medical community for almost 50 years now.. Earlier units were dangerous and required math skills along with medical knowledge. With this new technology, units are safe, effective, convenient, easy to use and FDA approved for OTC use. Multi Radiance Medical, is happy to get these into the public’s hands, and have made units that are much more powerful just for professionals, ie; veterinarians, chiropractors, oral surgeons etc. Because of their marketing toward professionals, they have not marketed to the general public.. So this is where I come in. Studies have shown how light affects the cells and help them heal, there is no reason that it would not work on your pain, but it is about using the proper wavelength, so if you look into other units.. make sure they have research to back their product. At this time the only place to purchase one is through the sales force, My Husband is part of the team that is marketing them to veterinarians, and being a dog person (agility) we have sold many of these small ones to the agility world along with farriers and veterinarians. MRM has a unit called Pain Away that is for people, but all the units have the exact same wavelengths and will work on any living thing.. I use them on turtles that are damaged and brought to me.. Absolutely Amazing results.! . I guess I should put a button in the post that says “buy yours now” . If you want to purchase one, or have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to help.

  4. I enjoyed reading your article about photobiomodulation. It was very informative and helpful.

    I have chronic lower back pain that I think this might be a godsend. I will do further research into healing with light.

    What about the cost? Do you have any idea about cost? Is it covered by medicare health insurance? Thanks for sharing this helpful information.

    1. Hi Robert, Thanks for your feedback. Photobiomodulation Therapy (PMBT) is indeed useful for pain issues like Lower Back pain. The Super Pulsed technology that Multi Radiance Medical has developed, has allowed for a safe, effective  was to help the body relieve pain and promote healing.  Although PMBT is used  in veterinary institutions, chiropractor offices, dental facilities, and in the medical field world wide, Here in the US, due mainly to the lack of  insurance coverage,  the medical field has been slow to adapt. 

      As a thoroughly studied and understood medical device, the Pain Away and the My Pet Laser are both 15 watt units and  retail for $2,995.00.These units can only be purchased direct through sales managers  or  the corporate office.

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