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With the recent sponsorship by Multi Radiance Medical of  the USDAA, The Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed  My Pet Laser, is becoming the talk of the Agility Ring ( Laser Therapy: It’s Not Just for Pain Anymore)

The reason why so many Agility competitors are using Super Pulsed Lasers is simply that it is effective, easy to use and safe for use in the home, on the road, or even at a trial.

So congratulations on your purchase of a My Pet Laser. You have joined a movement of people who are looking for better solutions to pain, overexertion, injuries and inflammation in a safe and natural manner that allows the body to heal without artificial drugs or compounds.

Photobiomodulation is new. It is different then the light laser units of yesterday, and due to the super pulsing, it has been studied  and reviewed  and is now a safe and FDA approved, modality of medicine that allows cells to begin the healing process faster and more efficiently.

Although injured cells respond quickly to light therapy, recent studies show that non- injured cells also benefit from the effects of photobiomodulation, and treatment before exertion may help prevent cells from becoming over taxed and damaged. 


Where To Begin?

The Unwind Method;

Animals respond very favorably to laser therapy in comparison to humans and feel relief immediately after a laser therapy procedure, noting positive changes even after one session. It is not uncommon in subsequent sessions for the animal to present injured areas under the laser emitter for treatment.

To acclimate them and relax them with your Multi Radiance Laser, start with the UnWind method. Using the 50 Hz setting (#1 on My Pet Laser), scan slowly from the base of the skull to the base of the tail along both sides of the spine for 5 minutes. If the animal is in pain use setting #3 (1000-3000Hz)

The central Nervous system is a great place to start therapeutic laser treatments, and you can see the effects of Laser Therapy by watching how animals respond to the photonic energy as they relax and become more comfortable.


Practicing Technique..

Scanning Technique;

When the treatment area is larger than the emitter, you can use a scanning technique. Place the emitter firmly in direct contact with the skin and slowly move it back and forth, and forward in a shallow zig zag pattern. Increase dose time to account for the larger surface area. Frequency selection is based on condition of animal / injury

setting #1 (50 Hz) Reduces inflammation, increase circulation and promotes healing. Use this setting for healing injuries

setting #2 (250 Hz) Promotes healing, stimulates bone repair, reduces pain from arthritis and improves healing of muscle and tendons. Use this setting for rebuilding healthy tissue.

setting #3 (1000-3000 Hz) Reduces edema, provides pain relief and deactivates trigger points. Use this setting for pain

Don’t be afraid to experiment with using the different settings of your laser on your own aches and pains. Remember that some of our aches, like the arthritis in my fingers, will never go away, but I control any discomfort by using my MRM laser when I need it.


The Comparative Pillars Paper

Documenting The Superiority of Multi Radiance Laser Technology

Multi Radiance Medical has developed patented, unique devices that maximize the advantages of multiple wavelengths, light sources and electromagnetic energy. All MRM devices share a common core comprised of 905 nm Super Pulsed Lasers, 875 nm Infrared Emitting Diodes, 640 nm Red Light Emitting Diodes and a static magnetic field of 35 mT. This unique “mix” or synergy of the device’s parameters are validated by the Pillars “Proof of Concept” studies completed from 2012-2014.

Extensively tried and tested over 20 years in both lab (in vitro) and in the clinic (in vivo), and on both humans and animals, the Multi Radiance product lines continue to consistently deliver the most reliable and significant results available.  

These FDA-cleared devices have more power than most class IV lasers with the safety of class I.

Multi Radiance Technology™ is exclusive to Multi Radiance Medical and cannot be found in other laser therapy devices or other competing modalities.The Multi Radiance Medical Solution: Super Pulsed Technology.

The Pillars Paper cover:

Validating the Photobiological response,

Thermal effects                    

Depth of Penetration through the skin

Optimal Parameters

Stimulation and Inhibition

Powering Athletic Performance and Optimizing Recovery                       



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